Sexxx Sounds are Audio Delights that will Thrill and Captivate like nothing before....
Taking Sexxx to the Next Level Body, Mind and Aurally
........ can you handle it?

Seductress Cums Over, all over that is!


  • Listening Time: 21 minutes
  • Audio Type & Size: Compressed MP3 File. 22MB file
  • Cost: $20
  • File Attached to Email?: No, File is too big to attach to niteflirt email, 24/7 download instructions included. no worries
  • Fetishes Discussed: Seduction, Ass & Pussy Worship, Subtle Hypnotic tiggers, Oral Sex, Coming on your face, leg humping
  • Description of Audio: In hopes of getting lucky, you go out to a club and meet Me. Actually I seduce you and end up taking you back to My place. But that's when you realize I had planned the seduction all night long and now I am going to use your face to get Myself off! How can you resist?
  • Reviews from past purchasers:
    i know i should block... but i am to weak... she is great

    Wow! A superb recording Emma....very inspired!
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