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Red Handed Part 2

  • Listening Time: 15 minutes
  • Audio Type & Size: Compressed mp3 file. 12.75 MB
  • Cost: $15
  • File Attached to Email?: Yes, File is attached to niteflirt email for IMMEDIATE Access.
  • Fetishes Discussed: Panty sniffing, panty worship, tongue worship, cleaning duties, Me getting off
  • Description of Audio: 15 minute audio story of Me catching you in My room, again, sniffing My dirty panties. Last time I said I was going to punish you by cleaning Me up, and then I forgot. I won't forget this time. You are gonna take your time cleaning up My dirty pussy & ass! Then, I am going to get off on your face, leaving you all glazed and confused! you will LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
  • Reviews from past purchasers:
    Unbelievable hot! Emma has really outdone Herself on this one...oh my did i shoot a load on that one. Scuse me while i scape it off the ceiling.... Ten stars at least!

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