Sexxx Sounds are Audio Delights that will Thrill and Captivate like nothing before....
Taking Sexxx to the Next Level Body, Mind and Aurally
........ can you handle it?



  • Listening Time: 15 minutes
  • Audio Type & Size: Compressed MP3 File. 14 MB file
  • Cost: $20
  • File Attached to Email?: Yes, File is attached to niteflirt email for IMMEDIATE Access.
  • Fetishes Discussed: Ass Worship, Victory Domination, Ass Sniffing, Breaking you, Crushing your will
  • Description of Audio: Trying out New words and actions on submissive ass slaves. If you think you are strong enough to handle the Ass, I invite you to listen for find out for yourself. If you are able to resist the "Crush", I will give you a free audio... however if you are crushed by the Ass, you get nothing! What do you have to lose?

  • The Mistress beat me. The Goddess has completely Crushed me. The Mistress defeated me, The Goddess controls me, i am Crushed by Her, i am Ruled by Her, She owns me, She owns my cock, i am nothing, She is everything, i have been Crushed & Defeated by The Ass.
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