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Black Widow


  • Listening Time: 15 minutes
  • Audio Type & Size: Compressed MP3 File. 14 MB file
  • Cost: $15
  • Sample Audio
  • File Attached to Email?: Yes, File is attached to niteflirt email for IMMEDIATE Access.
  • Fetishes Discussed: Ass Worship, Hypnotic Commands, Sensual Domination, Ass Sniffing, Breaking you
  • Description of Audio: Super Hot, you are seduced into My web. There you remain weak and hopeless. Hypnotic trance in addition to tease and masturbation session. Possible orgasm allowed. Sublime Ass worshiping audio
  • Reviews from past purchasers:

    i'm not sure what just happened. i bought & listened to The Black Widow, & i was looking at The Ass thinking how much i was going to enjoy taking it, & then i remeber feeling something tight, silky & sticky all around my mind & body. and then... I'll try listening again, that would be good for me. it's what i need.

    Pure perfection! There's no escaping Emma's kryptonite or her web, but I tried -- and failed. She's unstoppable.

    I am ensnared by your perfect ass.

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