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Ass Wrestler: 20 minute audio Story

  • Listening Time: 20 minutes
  • Audio Type & Size: Compressed MP3 File. 17 MB file
  • Cost: $20
  • Sample Audio
  • File Attached to Email?: Yes, File is attached to niteflirt email for IMMEDIATE Access.
  • Fetishes Discussed: Ass Sitting, Wrestling, FemDom, Ass Sniffing
  • Description of Audio:20 minutes of pure ass worshiping/ Wrestling bliss! I really let loose on this audio fella. Things in the audio include squeezing My sexy legs around your little head, rubbing My ass and pussy all over your face. Plus all orts of other trickery to make you give it up to ME
  • Reviews from past purchasers:
    Complete bliss on this one...great wrestling fantasy. Where do i sign up? Emma is without peer with these audios. They are stupendous and you can listen to them over and over again. You can put Emma on your iPod and take Her with you wherever you go. Fantastic Emma! Great job!

  • Just buy Her recordings. They're the BEST ever! In fact, do whatever She says if you want your mind blown in the sweetest way possible. Her voice, Her mind, & of course Her Ass. i wish i could leave 100 5 star ratings. Even if you don't have an Ass fetish, you will when She's done, & you'll be glad. If you do, don't waste your time with anyone else. Go directly to Emma (VV).
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