Sexxx Sounds are Audio Delights that will Thrill and Captivate like nothing before....
Taking Sexxx to the Next Level Body, Mind and Aurally
........ can you handle it?


There are very few absolutes in life, but here's one of them: You are captivated by the human voice.

The voice of a Superior Female is particularly stimulating. A Woman's physical beauty can mean very little, in comparison to the Femininity of Her sultry, resonant, luscious voice. And when the subject is sex ... well, the right Female voice has the power to make every bone in a man's body tremble with excitement! Especially that one "teeny" bone between his legs. I have that voice. Now, I proudly bring it to you on My brand new Web site, SEXXXSOUNDS.COM! So let's get started. Check out the different categories and find the audio that is right for tonight! See what My vocal magic can do to you ... (*ooops*) ... uh, I mean do FOR you (*wink*).

For years, I have been guiding My callers to new sexual heights and deeper into their desires. Aside from My beautiful face and gorgeous body, it is My Golden Voice that has turned many a man into mush! A simple inflection of My smooth, erotic vocal chords can make a male do anything I desire. So what's your favorite game? Whatever it is, I can bring it to life in ways you've never imagined. It's powerfully addicting and mind blowing.. Each one of My audio stories are to designed to make you surrender in less than 15 minutes.

  • Enjoy kissing ass? I make it sound so appealing, My scent will smell sugary sweet!
  • Dream of being financially taken by that one special Goddess? I will touch your wallet so sweetly, you will obediently give Me more money than you ever intend ... and you will keep dreaming to give Me more and more.
  • Sissies are in for a real treat when I help them explore what it's like to be dressed, and slutted out, bring all your toys along!
  • My cuckold slaves will be treated to the creamiest of stories. Creampie cleanup, forced cocking, just to name a few.
  • Hear about My real life Sexual Adventures fucking well hung Alpha Black Males; you will CRAVE to clean us up!

Once you enter, you can NOT LEAVE until you try one of My fantastic free samples. If they don't inspire you to purchase one of My reasonably-priced voice tracks ... well, you can't be much of a male, let alone slave!

The topics are biting, sexy, and bone-chilling -- slave ownership, Ass worship, Face sitting, Cuckoldry, Sissification, Cock and ball teasing, Mind fucks, Hypnotic seduction, Femdom, Strap-on/toy training, Humiliation, financial fuckovers, Big Black cock worship, and much, much more.

Start with Body Worship and work your way down ;)

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